The Case For Bayley Being The Next WWE Women’s Champion

Once she gets the championship, Bayley can set a precedent for women’s wrestling today and show other women how to be the best wrestlers they can be.

In the WWE, there is a clear pecking order when it comes to the women’s division. You have your top tier stars like Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey, followed by your mid-carders like Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks. And then you have your lower card talents like Bayley.

Bayley is someone who has always been a fan favorite. She’s someone who is incredibly talented in the ring and has a great personality. However, she has always been stuck in the mid-card. She’s never been able to break through to that next level and become a true main eventer.

However, there is a case to be made for Bayley becoming the next WWE Women’s Champion. Here are three reasons why Bayley should be the next champion:

1) Bayley is incredibly over with the fans.
2) Bayley is one of the most talented women in the WWE.
3) Bayley has never had a truly defining moment in her career.

Becoming WWE Women’s Champion would give Bayley that defining moment. It would elevate her status within the company and finally allow her to break through to that next level. The fans would be behind her all the way, and she would finally get the recognition she deserves.

Why She Deserves It

As far as in-ring ability goes, there is no doubt that Bayley is one of the best female wrestlers in WWE today. She has an impressive moveset and can put on a great match with just about anyone. Her matches with Sasha Banks are some of the best WWE has ever produced.

But it’s not just her in-ring ability that makes her deserving of the WWE Women’s Championship. Bayley is also one of the most popular female wrestlers on the roster. She has a huge following among both male and female fans, and her merchandise sales are through the roof.

Finally, Bayley is someone who represents what WWE should be all about. She’s a role model for kids, she’s always positive, and she never gives up. She embodies everything that WWE stands for, and that’s why she deserves to be the next WWE Women’s Champion.

There is no doubt that Bayley is one of the most popular WWE Superstars on the roster today. Her in-ring ability, charisma and connection with the fans make her a perfect candidate to be the next WWE Women’s Champion. We believe that she has what it takes to win the title and we hope that she gets her opportunity soon. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed our case for Bayley being the next WWE Women’s Champion.

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