Rick and Morty’s Big Change: Why Two Actors Took Over Justin Roiland’s Roles

The creators of “Rick and Morty” recently revealed the reason behind the decision to replace Justin Roiland with two separate voice actors for the characters of Rick and Morty.

Quick Facts

  • Season Premiere: Rick and Morty Season 7 introduced two new voice actors, Ian Cardoni as Rick and Harry Belden as Morty.
  • Reason for Change: The show’s creators wanted to lessen the vocal burden on a single actor and ensure continuity for fans.
  • Fan Reaction: The change has received mixed reviews, but the Season 7 premiere was generally well-received.

The seventh season of the popular animated series “Rick and Morty” marked a significant shift in the show’s voice casting. Justin Roiland, who previously voiced both title characters, was replaced by two new actors. Ian Cardoni took on the role of Rick, and Harry Belden became the new Morty. This move raised eyebrows and prompted fans to question why the creators opted for two replacements instead of one.

While many skilled Roiland impersonators exist, including TikTok star Sean Kelly, the show’s producers felt that finding two distinct voices would offer a fresh perspective and reduce the vocal strain. Over the years, Roiland’s dual role began to take a toll on his voice, a concern that the show’s co-creator Dan Harmon and producer Scott Marder wanted to address. Marder mentioned in an interview with THR that watching the wear on Roiland’s voice made them consider the well-being of any future single replacement.

Harmon further elaborated on the rationale behind the change, emphasizing the desire for a seamless transition for the show’s fanbase. He believed that having a singular actor replace Roiland might heighten the audience’s sense of disruption. By splitting the roles, they hoped to maintain the characters’ authenticity in the eyes of their viewers. Nonetheless, the decision wasn’t without challenges. The producers found it particularly tough to find a suitable replacement for Rick, a character defined by his unique conversational style.

For Further ReadingJustin Roiland: Justin Roiland is an American voice actor, animator, and producer best known for co-creating the animated series “Rick and Morty” alongside Dan Harmon. Roiland also voiced both the show’s main characters, Rick and Morty, until Season 7. Over the years, the dual role started impacting Roiland’s voice, prompting the creators to find replacements to ensure continuity and protect the actor’s well-being. [Wikipedia Source]


Why were two actors chosen to replace Justin Roiland?

The decision was made to lessen the vocal strain on a single actor and to provide a smoother transition for the audience by differentiating the voices of Rick and Morty.

Who are the new voice actors for Rick and Morty?

Ian Cardoni voices Rick, and Harry Belden voices Morty in Season 7.

How has the fanbase reacted to the new voices?

The reception has been mixed, but the premiere of Season 7 was generally well-received.

Original article source: “Why Rick and Morty Replaced Justin Roiland With Two Actors Rather Than One” by KOFI OUTLAW on ComicBook.com, October 17, 2023.

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