Is Jennifer Garner Considering a Political Run? Hollywood Insider Says Yes

Actress Jennifer Garner is reportedly considering a political run, according to a Hollywood insider. The Alias and 13 Going On 30 star has apparently caught the political bug in recent years while campaigning for early-childhood education funding for children living in poverty. She has also been involved in the successful campaign to elect Karen Bass as mayor of Los Angeles, and has received encouragement from celebrity friends and acquaintances to pursue a career in politics.

Garner is said to have a genuine passion for politics and a desire to use her fame and reputation to make the world a better place, particularly for her children. She has testified before Congress on the importance of education and home visiting services for disadvantaged children, and has written about her own experiences growing up in poverty.

The Hollywood insider also revealed that power couple JJ Abrams and Katie McGrath are among those supporting Garner in her potential political endeavors. The couple has known Garner for close to 25 years and played a role in her involvement in the LA mayor’s race.

It’s worth noting that when Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck first got together over 20 years ago, Affleck was rumored to be considering a run for a Georgia senate seat. However, it seems that it is Garner who may be the one with a real passion for politics.

In recent months, rumors have circulated about Garner’s interest in getting more involved in politics. These rumors were recently given a boost when Garner and her teenage daughter Violet visited the White House for a State dinner. Whether or not she decides to run for office, it’s clear that Jennifer Garner is dedicated to using her platform to advocate for important causes and make a positive difference in the world.

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