Disney+ Set to Revive the ’90s Classic ‘Gargoyles’ as Live-Action Series

Disney+ is set to rekindle the magic of the ’90s with a live-action rendition of the popular animated series ‘Gargoyles’.

Quick Facts

  • Live-Action Adaptation: Disney+ is actively developing a live-action version of the iconic ’90s animated series ‘Gargoyles’.
  • Key Personnel: Gary Dauberman, celebrated for the Annabelle franchise, will pen the series, also taking on the role of showrunner. He’s set to executive produce with James Wan and Michael Clear’s Atomic Monster.
  • Original Series Overview: The initial animated version, which aired between 1994 to 1997, delved into the adventures of ancient gargoyles led by Goliath in modern-day New York City.

The original ‘Gargoyles’ series, known for its captivating storyline, captured the essence of mythical creatures struggling in the contemporary world. Spanning three seasons, viewers witnessed the tumultuous journey of a group of ancient gargoyles, primarily the valiant Goliath, as they navigated life in New York City. The narrative blended the ancient with the contemporary, enveloping audiences in a world where myths awoke in the bustling heart of Manhattan.

At the heart of its fame was Goliath’s captivating opening monologue that transported listeners to a time one thousand years past—a period dominated by superstition and weaponry. The narrative painted a vivid picture of betrayal by humans, a curse that turned them to stone, and their reawakening in Manhattan, ready to champion the cause of the night.

Fans of the original series can currently stream all 78 episodes on Disney+. The announcement of the live-action adaptation has rekindled excitement among fans, eager to see how the series’ quintessence will transition to its new format.

For Further ReadingGargoyles
DescriptionThe term ‘Gargoyle’ primarily refers to carved stone creatures, often designed as waterspouts, projecting from the gutters of buildings. Historically, these figures were often made to resemble grotesque creatures or faces. Their rich history ties them to architecture, mythology, and folklore. Their representation in popular culture, notably in series like Disney’s ‘Gargoyles’, has transformed them into symbols of guardianship and protection against evil. Wikipedia Link


Q: Who is taking the reins of writing and producing the new series?

A: Gary Dauberman is set to write and also act as the showrunner. Moreover, he will executive produce alongside James Wan and Michael Clear’s Atomic Monster.

Q: How does the original series depict the gargoyles’ backstory?

A: The series chronicles the gargoyles’ past, portraying them as protectors betrayed by humans and cursed to become stone. They reawaken in modern-day New York City, ready to defend the night.

Q: Is the original animated series available for streaming?

A: Yes, all episodes of the original ‘Gargoyles’ series can be streamed on Disney+.

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