SUPER SENTAI vs POWER RANGERS: How Saban Missed the Mark with Megaforce

For every fandom, there are high points that stand as shining examples of what makes that franchise so beloved. Then, there are the lows that are often best forgotten. For Power Rangers fans, the adaptation of the beloved Super Sentai series, Gokaiger, into Power Rangers Megaforce falls into the latter category.

The Super Sentai series, known for its explosive battles and intricate storylines, was a hit among the fandom. Gokaiger, in particular, was lauded for its celebration of the franchise’s history, making its adaptation into Power Rangers a highly anticipated event.

Unfortunately, this excitement quickly morphed into disappointment as the Power Rangers Megaforce fell short of expectations. Fans were left scratching their helmets, wondering how Saban Brands, the company behind the adaptation, had managed to turn one of the best Super Sentai seasons into one of the most underwhelming Power Rangers seasons.

The adaptation’s failure can be attributed to several key factors. The first among these is a lack of creativity. As one fan pointed out, “No creativity, crappy writing, lackluster actors, cheapness, sucky story, wasted cameos etc. I could go on all day.”

The transformation of Gokaiger to Megaforce was seen as a slap in the face by fans who had expected more. The Super Sentai series had practically gift-wrapped awesome battles and storylines for the adaptation, yet they were largely ignored in favor of more mundane plots.

Saban’s carelessness was perceived as a betrayal by the fandom, especially when it seemed they had a winning formula practically handed to them. Fans had even taken the initiative to suggest episodes to adapt, especially those that celebrated Power Rangers’ history.

Another aspect of the disappointment revolves around the lore of the Power Rangers universe. Fans were excited by the prospect of Gokaiger’s adaptation expanding the lore, possibly introducing teams before Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR), or even alien rangers from other planets. The possibility of retconning Gorenger as the first Power Rangers team was an intriguing prospect for many, although it did spark some debate among fans.

Ultimately, the adaptation’s failure was a missed opportunity. While Saban is, in the words of one fan, a “master of making money despite no creativity,” the company seemed to have forgotten that it’s the passion of the fans that truly fuels a franchise.

In the end, Power Rangers Megaforce was a season that failed to utilize the rich source material it was given, leading to a disappointing experience for fans. It serves as a reminder that successful adaptations require more than just a desire to make money, but also a deep understanding and respect for the original material, and above all, for the fans.

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