DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn Responds to Fan Reactions on Social Media

Pop culture enthusiasts have been buzzing about the recent news surrounding DC studios and its co-CEO James Gunn. Fans have expressed their disappointment with the decision to not move forward with Patty Jenkins’ plan for Wonder Woman 3, as well as the revelation that Henry Cavill will not be returning as Superman.

Gunn, who is also known for directing films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, has taken to Twitter to address these reactions. “One of the things Peter & I were aware of when we took the job as heads of DC Studios was a certain minority of people online that could be, well, uproarious & unkind, to say the least,” Gunn tweeted. “No one loves to be harassed or called names – but, to be frank, we’ve been through significantly worse. Disrespectful outcry will never, ever affect our actions.”

Some fans have questioned Gunn’s use of the word “minority,” claiming that a significant portion of the fan base is not on board with these decisions. However, Gunn has maintained that the choices he and co-CEO James Safran have made for the DC Universe are based on what they believe is best for the story and the characters that have been beloved for nearly 85 years.

Gunn has also addressed specific comments and concerns from fans, stating that there is no truth to the theory that they are recasting all main DC Universe characters except those from The Suicide Squad. It is clear that Gunn and Safran are committed to staying true to the story and the characters, and will not be swayed by negative reactions.

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